Landscape Design Tips

Landscape Plans & Designers – Design tips and ideas.

When it comes to adding to your outdoor living area or garden we always recommend you work from a plan. Planning has many advantages, including ensuring everyone in your family is in agreement about what they want in the design, how it will look and what product or material you would like to use. It also means that the garden is constructed as you wanted and there are no surprises in the final outcome.

There are many things to consider when you are planning a landscaping project; what is the purpose of the new space, what style will complement your house and existing garden and your budget. If you only need a small amount of landscaping done, say a new paved area, then you can create your own plan and simply sketch out what you want. If you want an entirely new garden or are updating a major section of your garden then it is highly recommended that you have a landscape designer prepare a plan. We have worked with many capable and talented garden designers throughout Melbourne, and can recommend you a designer to help plan your new garden.

A landscape designer will work with you to develop a plan that includes your preferences, garden style and will also take into account your landscaping budget. Most designers will also provide project management of your landscape construction if required. A good designer will create you at least 2 plans that include the following:

  • a hard landscape plan or technical plan which sets out things like paving, decking, concrete, pergola, swimming pool etc and includes details on drainage and installation of a water tank
  • a soft landscape plan which lists plant varieties and pot sizes and where each is to be located. As well as the lawn. It should also include irrigation specifications.
  • a lighting plan which includes the type of lights, where to locate them and where to locate a power source.

The cost of having your garden plans created by a landscape designer can vary but you can expect to pay a starting price of $1500 for a court yard garden plan and $3000 for an average sized garden. Having a plan makes your project more achievable, it can help to foresee any issues and ensure that the entire outdoor space works together.

We have worked with many garden designers throughout Melbourne, and we are experienced at working from their plans. If you are looking for a designer or trying to decide if you need one then give us a call – Danny 0438 204 410 or Kate 0409 004 373. We will discuss with you what your landscaping requirements are, where you are located and then recommend you a landscape designer.