Tips on Choosing a Colour to Paint your Paling Fence

When completing a new landscape you need to consider the impact of your boundary fences. Your garden will look its best if paling fences are painted. But getting the right colour is essential.

Ideally you want your fence colour to tie into your new landscape and make the garden and boundary more attractive. It is an item that is worthy of some consideration, get the wrong colour and it can become an unwanted eye catching feature. I can’t tell you how many fences we have painted one colour because the client is sure this is the perfect colour only to have to repaint it!

A landscape we completed in Hawthorn with a Black-Kelp Fence

These few tips will make selecting a fence colour easier:

  • A key feature of painting a fence is to make the foliage of your plants stand out more.  Avoid anything that is too similar to your plant colours
  • This is not like painting inside a house, so forget those rules! Dark colours are often best; they won’t make an area feel small because they make green foliage stand out more
  • You don’t want your fence to become the feature of your garden, avoid bold bright colours
  • Charcoal may sound good, but it is created on the blue base and on a paling fence in large amounts it doesn’t work (ever wondered why there are so many blueish houses and fences around, yep, it is the charcoal trap!)
  • Test sample colours on your fence, but make sure you put them behind some foliage to get a feel for what they will look like

A landscape in Sandringham with a Woodlands Grey Fence

A couple of our favourite colours to get you started:

* Dulux Kelp/Black (mix in a ratio of 5 Kelp and 1 Black) – we love this colour.  It looks dark when you paint it on, almost black but not so flat.  Then when the light hits it on an angle you see hints of green.  Against the foliage of a garden it looks brilliant.

* Dulux Woodlands Grey – for something not as dark but still dark enough to make the garden stand out.


2 Responses to “Tips on Choosing a Colour to Paint your Paling Fence”

  1. FELICITY on May 16th, 2011 3:59 pm

    That is a great tip – it is such a big area to paint and you want the perfect colour first time round!

  2. ROS on November 11th, 2011 9:42 am

    Very happy with the Dulux Woodlands Grey. I tried 8 sample pots prior to viewing this website. Thanks.

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